Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I just thought that it would be fun to assemble the links of all the Anti-SUV links.

Starting with the Sierra Club web site: http://www.hummerdinger.com/

or simply enjoy the movie: http://sierraclubmedia.net/flash/h2revise.html

However, Hummers are only an very small part of the problem. Some people think
that SUVs are the bigger problem:

Arrianne Huffington's "The Detroit Project".


Some people appeal to the religious sentiments to make a decision:

What would Jesus Drive?

or directly view the ad here.

More links:



Research shows that Public Information campaigns can have a significant effect on customer demand. Clearly, there is no lack of available media resources.
However, do you think that "anti-SUV/Hummer" or similar campaigns have a value? Is there a better way to address the general public?


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