Monday, October 13, 2003

How Many Miles To The Gallon? -- A 60 Minutes Special Report.

Everbody has an opinion on the issue of fuel consumption of light duty vehicles. Jack Doyle thinks that Detroit has taken us all for a ride. Thomas Freidman thinks that a $1 a gallon gasoline tax, phased in, would not only be a huge revenue generator (even with tax rebates to ease the burden on low-income people, farmers and truckers) but also a huge driver of conservation and reduced oil imports. This, he says, will be a REAL PATRIOT ACT.

Andrew English asks: Half full, or half empty?
If projections are right, by 2020 the world car population will rise from 600 million to one billion and, within a decade of that, the majority of the world's population will live in cities. What will urban life be like by then? Will there be enough space or clean air for us and our cars?

Meanwhile, Phil Kent says that Anti-SUV and environmentalist lobbies' efforts could possibally result in loss of jobs in the auto industry. This is not a new argument. I don't think that it deserves much attention. Yes, Detroit is a big provider of jobs, and as long as it continues to make vehicles that provide comfort and mobility, people will keep buying.


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