Wednesday, November 19, 2003

This story in IHT on Chinese fuel economy standards, although written by the same reporter is more complete than the NYT story from yesterday! For example, the following important paragraphs are missing in the NYT story.
The new standards would, in general, call for new cars to go as much as two more miles on each gallon of fuel than the average set in America; for sport utility vehicles, the minimums would be 1.7 to 2.7 miles a gallon higher than U.S. averages. Large cars, for example, would be required to get 27.4 miles a gallon in 2005 and 30.4 miles a gallon in 2008, compared with the current U.S. average of 27.2 miles a gallon. Thirty miles to the gallon is the equivalent of 100 kilometers to about 7.84 liters.

In the European Union, the European, Japanese and South Korean automobile manufacturers associations have signed a voluntary agreement to increase the average fuel efficiency of their vehicles to 40 miles to the gallon in 2008 and about 50 miles in 2012 from about 35 now.


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