Friday, April 02, 2004

Missoulian: Gas consumers can fight higher prices

Here is a suggestion on what consumers can do to reduce gas prices: "
There's only one short-term remedy for these high prices, and it doesn't involve the government. It involves you.

The proper response to rising prices is reduced consumption. Use less gasoline, buy less gasoline, and you'll send an unmistakable signal to global markets. Falling demand for fuel will have an immediate effect on the supply and price of gasoline and oil.

Use less gasoline? What? Are we crazy? Not really. If you really take time to honestly examine your driving habits and fuel consumption, you'll probably recognize any number of ways you can reduce the amount of fuel you use. Consuming less isn't always easy or painless, of course, but neither is $1.70 a gallon - or, for folks living in parts of the country, $2 or more a gallon."

Now, the trouble is that the term energy efficiency and savings brings to the mind of most people the image of President Carter wearing a sweater and tuning down the therostat to save on energy! However, the energy savings can be had in a more sensible way. For example, the fuel consumption of a car varies considerably depending upon how you drive the car. As compared to a sporty,fast or aggressive driving a slightly more restrained driving can save you up to (hold your breath) 25% of the fuel! It's your same SUV or full sized car, but driving more sensibaly helps. So, Drive Lite!


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