Thursday, May 06, 2004

ANWR vs. CAFE by Sen. Larry Craig

Sen. Craig says:
Developing ANWR to make use of America's own untapped oil resources is a far more preferable method of increasing domestic energy production and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil than is raising CAFE standards.

Let's just leave ANWR out of this blog, but let us say that the debate is about developing an oil and gas field in the U.S. versus employing conservation measures (such as CAFE). This is a wrong question to ask. There is no doubt that the country should explore domestic sources of production, but that is no excuse for not pursuing conservation. If one tries to understand the debate, then it becomes clear that the magnitude of U.S. fuel consumption problem demands that both supply and demand side measures be employed. Arguing for one does not and should not necessarily mean arguing against the other.


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