Monday, October 04, 2004

Ford executives adopt ambitious plan to rein in global warming

Danny Hakim reports that Ford executives are planning to adopt an ambitious plan to rein in global warming:
Ford's goal, according to its own projections, would require an improvement of about 80 percent in the fuel economy of its cars and trucks by 2030, according to people who have been informed of the plan.
...The company had not planned to publicize the strategy because it is a long-term objective subject to change and because the company has recently been under attack from environmental groups for falling short of previously stated environmental objectives. Most recently, Ford said it was abandoning a commitment made in 2000 to improve the fuel economy of its sport utility vehicles by 25 percent over five years.

As the article notes, Ford first promised to with the SUVs what it is now promising to do with all of its products. While I wish them success, why should I not view this as another publicity stunt? ford could gain a lot of credibility on this front, if it braks rank with the rest of the industry and comes forward to support the California's AB 1493 initiative. This is indicate that Ford is committed to reducing fuel consumption, and not just talking about it.


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