Saturday, November 20, 2004

Industry backs EPA claim in CO2 dispute

Sounds like an odd headline? Well, it isn't. Remember when California and then several northeasters states were talking about sueing EPA about not regulating CO2 emissions as an air pollutant under the clean air act? As expected, the automakers and dealers are backing EPA's claim that EPA does not have the authority to regulate CO2.
The industry argues that the law addresses specific pollutants, such as oxides of nitrogen, whose effects on human health are well established. But carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring part of the atmosphere.

...Industry groups also assert that regulating carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act would undermine the federal law that governs vehicle fuel economy standards. The only known way to limit carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles is to reduce fuel consumption, the industry says.

This lawsuite is important because it directly ties with California AB 1493. I'll be watching with excitement as the story unfolds.


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