Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lexus Hybrid Review

One of the first Lexus RX400h reviews I have seen. Here is an interesting piece:
Drive a Prius with a heavy-ish foot and no thought about fuel economy and it will still give you a better-than-average return. I tried this approach with the Lexus and ended up getting, according to the trip computer, little more than 20mpg. When I quizzed a Lexus engineer about this, he said that you have to make a conscious decision as to whether you are going to drive for economy or performance. In a car that weighs nearly 220lb more than its non-hybrid sibling, it seems you cannot have both.
Even with ICE only vehicles, the drivers have to make a choice of whether they want to drive in a more fuel efficient way or in a more sporty fuel consuming way.
Finally, the estimated price of RX400h is somewhere around 40,000 British Pounds, which is pretty steep. More on this later.


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