Saturday, April 30, 2005

The $6.66-a-Gallon Solution

The gasoline taxes are very high in Norway, and the gas costs $6.66-a-Gallon, but this is the part that I found most funny.
...a right-wing party in Parliament, the Progress Party, once again called for a cut in gasoline taxes, which account for about 67 percent of the price.

But 'those critics are but voices in the wilderness,' said Torgald Sorli, a radio announcer with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation who often discusses transportation issues. 'We Norwegians are resigned to expensive gasoline. There is no political will to change the system.

Admittedly, the gasoline costs too much in Norway, and too little in the US. Yet, Norway has exactly the same problem as the US. There is no political will to change the system.


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