Monday, June 28, 2004

Probing the hydrogen versus gasoline debate

John McCormick attempts to talk about "Well-to-Wheel" analysis of Hydrogen versus Gasoline powered vehicles, but unfortunately does not do a good job of explaining the details. I would refer you here for a good comparison. You can cut the chase and just look at the last three pages (graphs) of the report. The general conclusions of the study were as follows:
  • There is no conclusive evidence to show that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are better than gasoline hybrid vehicles, unless hydrogen comes from renewable sources of energy.
  • In the near term hybrids as well as advanced internal combustion engine technologies have a significant potential to reduce fuel consumption.
  • In the long term, hydrogen from renewable sources currently appears to be our only hope for a CO2 free vehicle system.
    I think that is clear enough. Keep working on hydrogen for long term (50 years or so time scale), but in the mean time it is urgent to act on other ways to reduce fuel use and CO2 emissions.


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