Monday, February 14, 2005

Voluntary Targets for Improving Fuel Economy in Canada

CTV reports that the Canadian Prime Minister is all set to accept voluntary agreement by Carmakers on fuel economy. The deal will require improving fuel economy by about 25% over the next Six years. The deal has been making for a long time, and Natural Resources Canada has been quite explicit about the 25% target from the beginning. This is an ambitious target. Combined with California's AB 1493, and the willingness of Northeastern States in the US to adopt California measures, we are in for some interesting times over the next couple of years. Stay Tuned.
P.S. Tom points to this Science Committee hearing. What I find curious is the following:
(Vice President of Government Affairs, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers) Stanton said the automobile industry was not necessarily opposed to any increase in CAFE standards, but did not specify a level or schedule that would be acceptable.

This shows that AAM is speaking with many mouths. It has filed a lawsuite against CARB over AB 1493, it does not strictly oppose a modest increase in CAFE standards, and pretty much the same group is agreeing to voluntary fuel economy improvements in Canada. What is going on here? If you know anything, please tell me.


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