Wednesday, June 01, 2005

While I was Away...

...not much has changed! This sometime leads me to think about futility of maintaining a blog about this topic, because change seems so slow and hard. For example, take this discussion about fuel economy standards and vehicle safety. Same point repeated over and over for past many years.

Over these past few weeks, crude oil dipped below $50 a barrel for a few days before making a new run in the last few days. There have been some calls which claim that the next upward target will breach the $60 a barrel mark, but it won't be easy. Meanwhile, proceedings of a UK conference on peak oil from April were released. There were a few interesting presentations. Check them out.

GM continue to think that the way to get out their current soft patch is to offer more streamlined incentives.

As hybrid sales are zooming there have also been some complaints about Prius stalling on highways. Check GCC for more. Honda continues to demonstrate its FCX in different conditions, which I think is a very good startegy.

Finally, there was a piece in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago talking about the proposed changes in the CAFE standards. We can expect NHTSA to come out with an ANPRM on proposed revisions to the light-truck CAFE rules any time this summer. With gasoline prices projected to stay around $2.20 a gallon for next several months, there will definitely be some attention paid to these revisions. Although, as I said above, we can expect little or no action amidst all the noise.


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