Thursday, January 17, 2008

High Gasoline Prices and their impact on Fuel Economy

Two interesting data points:

1. Falling share of V-6 and V-8 engines since 2005

“It’s pretty clear that the V-8 is on its way out of the mainstream,” said Ford’s chairman, William Clay Ford Jr.

General Motors recently canceled a $300 million program to develop a new V-8, citing new fuel-economy standards that require a 40 percent improvement in overall gas mileage by 2020. “That cancellation was a direct result of the 35-mile-per-gallon legislation,” Robert A. Lutz, G.M.’s vice chairman, said Tuesday.

Even the famed Hemi V-8 from Chrysler will be quieted at stoplights when it is paired this year with hybrid technology in some big S.U.V.’s.


Mr. Ford, the 50-year-old great-grandson of the company’s founder, Henry Ford, said the passing of the V-8 era is somewhat bittersweet for baby boomers like him.

“We all grew up when the coolest guy on the block had the most cubic inches under the hood,” he said. “That feeling dies hard.”

2. Driving Behavior and Vehicle Markets (pdf)

The 100 percent increase in real U.S. gasoline prices since 2003, which is larger even than the record increases of the early 1980s, has induced motorists to adjust their driving habits and the types of vehicles they purchase.

* Freeway motorists have adjusted to higher prices by making fewer trips and by driving more slowly.

* After increasing steadily for more than 20 years, the market share of light trucks (including sport–utility vehicles and minivans), relative to all new passenger vehicles, began to decline in 2004.

* Used-vehicle prices have shifted, reflecting changing demand, particularly with respect to fuel economy: The average prices for larger, less-fuel-efficient models have declined over the past five years as average prices for the most-fuel-efficient automobiles have risen.

Shall we say bring on the 100 dollar oil? (May be, May be not?)


Blogger kaylin said...

I think that by the time thayt summer 2008 roles around, we will be paying around 4$ a gallon for gas. I feel that if we would just not buy gas for one day we would put a hurt on the constantly increasing prices

7:35 PM  
Blogger walter said...

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12:16 PM  
Anonymous 1937-1938 Chevrolet Shop Manuals said...

i think not, it is not practical having a your allowance just on gas, and oil price hike is still at it's peak

7:18 AM  
Blogger chalacuna said...

wether we like it or not, fuel prices will keep on rising. so many factors pointed out which contributes to the crises. the main reason is simply the law of supply and demand.

the major oil players like OPEC are very smart that they are able to control the supply to make an artificial demand.

the best we can do is to conserve fuel by using less or none at all. stay away from those luxury cars..

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Renewable Fuel Source

1:34 AM  
Blogger myopinioncounts said...

For every gallon of fuel we refuse to buy, China will gladly buy it and pay an added premium to have it. This is a global economy, with global pricing. The only way you really win in a global economy is to cease participating on the same level. We need either a different product, or a similar product produced by different means. We have to make our technology work for us, long term.

6:47 PM  
Blogger myopinioncounts said...

If we cut our "conservation teeth" on the problem we have now, we will be better able to control new technologies, and profit from their use, for a longer period of time, when they emerge. Wasteful attitudes simply produce hate of one thing and fear of another.

6:51 PM  
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Blogger Clive said...

Some good info, at least in the US the fuel prices are a fraction of what they are here in the UK.

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7:30 AM  
Anonymous Martin said...

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Blogger Rajpal Singh said...

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